TierOne's Telephone Game

May 7, 2021

The sun is peeking out, the flowers are blossoming, and the masks are starting to drop — as more and more of the country is lifting pandemic restrictions just in time for the start of summer, TierOne wants to help you shed the "COVID-15" with your very own Peloton! We've combined our love of pop culture with our relentless competitive spirit and our telecom obsession to bring you the TierOne Telephone Game. Play along with us through the month of May for your chance to win a Peloton Bike complete with all the essentials you need to get rolling.

The rules are simple: recreate your favorite telephone scene from the screen (movies, TV shows, music videos, commercials… if it’s on a screen, it counts!) and snap a picture; post your recreation on social media using the hashtag #TierOneTelephoneGame; and follow along to see if you’re chosen as a finalist! Read on for entry details and a few tips & tricks.

Photos by Tessa Cooper, Courtesy NBC Universal

If you're going to be winning the equivalent of an at-home spin class, you're going to need some jams to go with it. We've put together a playlist of our favorite phone-related bangers to get you pumped up. Listen along on Spotify and check out the contest details below!

Photos by Tessa Cooper, Courtesy 20th Century Fox

Entry Details

No purchase is necessary to win — all you need is a phone, a little creativity, and a social media account! Contest opens at 8 a.m. CDT on May 07, 2021 and runs through June 11, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. CDT. Finalists will be selected and notified starting June 14, and a winner will be identified and notified on June 21, 2021.

Photos by Tessa Cooper, Courtesy DreamWorks Pictures
To Submit Entries:
  1. Follow TierOne on social media. You can find us at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Stay tuned throughout the month! We’ll share some iconic phone moments for inspiration in addition to reposting some of your submissions.
  2. Take Your Photo. Recreate your favorite phone scene and snap a pic. Feel free to use movies, TV shows, commercials, or music videos as your inspiration. Photos must be original photos, and the submitting individual must be pictured in the photograph. Digital manipulation, illustration, and other artistic additions are accepted, but any individuals represented in the submission must be photographed.
  3. Post Your Pic. Post your submission to your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram feed. Be sure that your account is publicly visible so we can see your entries! All entries must use the hashtag #TierOneTelephoneGame and tag TierOne’s social account in the caption to be counted. You can post the same photo on multiple social media platforms, but each original image will only be counted once.

Void where prohibited. Certain contest limitations apply. Please read full contest rules and eligibility here.

Photos by Tessa Cooper, Courtesy Paramount Pictures

Finalist Selection:

All entries must be posted no later than 11:59 p.m. CDT on June 11, 2021 to be eligible for selection. Finalists will be chosen and posted to TierOne social media the week of June 14, 2021 through June 18, 2021. One winner will be selected from the finalists pool.

Please see full contest rules for details on winner notification.  

The Prize:

You’re in the running to win a Peloton Bike Essentials Package. That’s one Peloton bike, one pair of bike shoes, one set of bike weights, and a pair of headphones, delivered straight to your home and assembled so all you have to do is hop on and pedal away.

Tips for Success:

If you’ve made it this far in the post, you deserve a little edge over the competition! Here are a few pointers for a successful entry:

  • Be creative! We love to see outside-of-the-box thinking, whether that’s in the form of an unexpected inspiration source, goofy costumes, or full set design. Finalists are chosen based on creativity and execution.
  • Really Nail It. Accuracy to your recreated scene is a key factor in choosing finalists, so don’t be afraid to get really detail-oriented — we see it; we appreciate it.
  • Follow the rules. Our rules are few, but that means we expect you to follow them. Contest rules are outlined in this blog post and in full detail in our Contest Rules PDF.
  • Post by the deadline. We want you to be summer-bod ready, so we’re wrapping up the contest just before June. Be sure your submissions are posted before 11:59 p.m. on June 11, 2021 to be eligible.
Photos by Tessa Cooper, Courtesy Miramax

Still have questions? Let us know! Contact us at with the subject line “TierOne Telephone Game” with any questions! We can’t wait to see your submissions.

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