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Data is your business’ most valuable asset.

“Data is the new oil,” and in today’s digitally connected world, the ability to leverage data is only increasing. TierOne’s cloud computing and colocation services deliver security, scalability, and customization to continually propel your business forward.

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Keep your data safe and your business moving forward.

Beam it up, Scotty

Computing Built to Scale

Take your business to the next level with cloud services that scale with you. TierOne’s portfolio of cloud computing services includes options for public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions that free you from the headache of self-managing all of your infrastructure on-site without sacrificing speed, reliability, and security. Whether you opt for the cost effectiveness of public cloud, the dedicated and customized services of private cloud, or the flexibility of a hybrid cloud solution, TierOne’s cloud services offer a variety of functions as a service, including infrastructure, backup, disaster recovery, and platform, allowing complete customization of your digital storage landscape to better serve your business.
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would you keep your grandma in your closet? didn’t think so.

Hardware Without the Headache

With colocation services through TierOne’s supplier portfolio, your business’ hardware is stored in a data center, but you retain all of the control. Outsource the costs of storing, cooling, powering, and protecting your valuable equipment, allowing you to put your money where it matters most. Colocation provides rentable-rack-space structure that also allows you to scale as you need, taking up more or less space as your business grows, paying only for what you use and tapping into higher, more economically priced connectivity options. Free yourself from the stresses of maintaining your own storage center; colocating takes advantage of the built-in redundancies, backups, and physical security of data centers so your information is secure and untouchable.
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In it for the Long Haul

Reap the benefits of life-cycle support for all of your solutions.


TierOne’s free Telecom Inventory Analysis demystifies your technology landscape, and our industry expertise and vendor relationships help provide an array of side-by-side options for the full picture. We do the work; you make the decision.


As one of the Midwest’s biggest multicarrier solution providers, our team has cultivated years of multi-industry experience assisting companies of all sizes. We bring that knowledge to the table when crafting solutions for you.


TierOne leverages its combined client spend, and carrier agnosticism, to ensure the suppliers deliver the best pricing possible. We then proactively monitor your contracts, continually driving optimization and savings term over term.


We have curated a portfolio of over 200 leading service providers. From this wide collection of top-tier telecom, network, cloud, and security products, TierOne can help design a completely customized solution for your business’s needs.
Out with the old, in with the new.

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