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A better customer experience

If you search “worst customer service companies,” typically three of the top five results are telecom companies. TierOne was formed to break that mold by providing businesses with a layered, all-in, and uniquely client-focused experience. Ready to see the difference?

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our process

Creating clarity from chaos

Inventory Analytics

We curate an in-depth snapshot of your current telecommunications environment to include detailed analysis and strategic insights into potential improvements and savings. This no-risk, no-obligation, no-commission audit of your current services looks for hidden fees, extraneous costs, outdated contracts and unused products, trimming the fat to show you what you really need — and what it really costs. Every company is different, but we often see a 30% cost savings on this initial analysis, and that’s just the start of the good news.

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Collaborative Strategy

Together we’ll identify your business’ unique needs and goals, noting pain points and special compliance or regulatory limitations along the way. Our team then leverages our access and industry relationships, digging deep into our supplier portfolio of over 200 top-tier carriers to identify the best solutions, pricing, and terms to meet your needs. The collaborative strategy is intricately linked to our inventory analytics process, and the two work in tandem as we craft entirely customized solutions and proposals for you and your business.

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Project Management

TierOne believes in continuous visibility, so our in-house team communicates and coordinates with the supplier to track each milestone of your project, giving you ultimate peace of mind and transparency. The more complicated your project, the easier the process gets for you. TierOne’s associates are your one-stop shop for all of your project management and tech support needs, simplifying the messy, confusing, and often stressful deployment process into one smooth-sailing stream.

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Lifecycle Support

When you select a solution through TierOne, we become your partners for life. And we don’t take that promise lightly. We are committed to serving you through the lifetime of your solutions, meaning we constantly monitor your telecom environment. From troubleshooting and escalations to billing disputes and renewal negotiation, we remain available to your teams in whatever capacity we can help.

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500+ top-tier suppliers

Our provider ecosystem encompasses more than 200 industry-leading suppliers, ensuring we deliver the best voice, cloud, and connectivity solutions to optimize and improve your business.

Propel your business forward with award-winning support behind you.

TierOne has been around the block, and we’ve got the stats to back it up. Our experience helping customers achieve optimal business connectivity and communications speaks for itself. Put us to the test and ask for an Inventory Analysis of your business today.
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Nearly 400 unique clients

We are proud to boast of a diverse portfolio of clients across 44 different states and 4 countries optimizing and improving their business’ voice, cloud, and connectivity with TierOne.
accolades, press & references

We don’t like to toot our own horn, but...

TierOne has been recognized in publications and earned awards for its role as a leading service provider in the voice, cloud, and connectivity industries — even our clients and partners are spreading the word about us. Want to know what the buzz is all about? See for yourself.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to get to know us a little better?

Who is TierOne?

TierOne is an award-winning, multi-carrier solution provider committed to saving businesses time and reducing costs by designing, delivering, and supporting robust voice, cloud, and connectivity solutions.

What is a “multi-carrier solution provider”?

Similar to an insurance agency, a telecom multi-carrier solution provider has access to multiple vendors, products, and services within a single supplier portfolio. We are a conduit, connecting businesses and professionals (like you) with carriers (like the ones in our supplier ecosystem). At TierOne, that supplier ecosystem totals more than 200 leading technology providers with myriad products and services to help your business reduce cost, improve performance, and be better supported.

When you work with a multi-carrier solution provider like TierOne, you are essentially outsourcing the research, testing, system management, tech support, and budgeting to a team of industry-specific experts for no cost. TierOne’s unique and award-winning process still includes your teams’ needs, wants, and opinions for the business but marries it with our expansive reach, knowledge, and experience.

So, to answer the question; “What is TierOne?” Well, we might just be the first solution provider you fall in love with.

Is TierOne essentially just a “middle man”?

Not at all. As we detail in our Pricing FAQs, you can utilize TierOne as much or as little as you’d like. Think of us more as a team of no-cost telecom assistants capable of being your tier one (see what we did there?) support and first point of contact. From sourcing and evaluating pre-sale to project management and troubleshooting years after install, we remain available for you to use for the life of the solution. This means you don’t have to keep track of every rotating sales rep at every carrier any time you have an issue or billing question. We’ll do the grunt work, logging tickets and escalating throughout so you can skip the hold times and focus more on what you do best: running your business. Plus, TierOne will continually monitor your solutions, helping you navigate service upgrades, contract renewals, and the identification of additional solutions as your business grows.

What is unique about TierOne compared with working directly with the carrier?

Honesty: TierOne’s specialty is an unbiased and agnostic selection along with a level of consistency you won’t get from a direct carrier. Direct carriers only have their products and services to discuss with you. They might have some information on the competitive landscape but will only tell you whats bad about their competitors, forcing you to try to uncover balanced information on your own. We aggregate decades of collective knowledge and experience with hundreds of leading technology providers across thousands of customer locations and share that knowledge with you so you can make informed choices.

Consistency: Additionally, the average lifespan of a direct carrier rep is nine months, and it’s less than two years for their managers. Conversely, the average length of a business-grade telecom or cloud solution is 36 months. So, on average you might have more than one rep throughout your solution’s life, and they’ll probably have a different manager during that tenure, meaning your direct rep likely won’t understand what your business needs. At TierOne, we remain your constant adviser, regardless of how many carrier reps we have throughout the life of our relationship.

Support: TierOne’s key differentiating factor is support. If you search “worst customer service companies,” three of the top five companies on every list are likely telecommunications companies. This industry is inherently difficult and frustrating. If you go with the direct carrier, their support is all you have. If you buy that same service through an agency, such as TierOne, you still are a customer of that carrier and therefore entitled to the support they offer. But now you also have TierOne’s Operations and Support teams at your disposal, and we are much, much more responsive and helpful. Also, due to our leveraged buying power, in many cases we are able to get our clients assigned to higher levels of support because our contacts within each carrier are typically several rungs above the boots-on-the-ground people in Customer Care, so we can help enact change and drive swifter resolution than those relying on an agent from the general help line.

What makes TierOne different from other carrier agencies?

Maybe you’ve worked with or talked to a carrier agency before. Maybe you haven’t. As much as we would like to take credit for it, we didn’t invent the “telecom and cloud agency” business model. Many other multi-carrier solution providers are single agents or primarily composed of sales personnel. They still provide value — helping businesses consolidate technology vendors and delivering expertise with sourcing — but, you’re still on your own when it comes to service delivery and ongoing support.

At TierOne, we don’t hand you a shopping list and walk away. We are your partner for life. We listen to your business needs and work alongside you to develop a customized solution to meet or exceed those needs. We provide dedicated Customer Success teams committed to assisting your organization throughout deployment, and long after, for any support need that may arise. Over and above break-fix support, TierOne stays engaged with you throughout the relationship, becoming your de-facto telecom and cloud assistants, monitoring contracts, and helping you plan and adjust your solutions as your business grows.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Experience Modern Connectivity

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