How can we help?

TierOne clients enjoy dedicated back-office support teams that act as an overlay to the carrier’s customer service. With decades of industry experience and familiarity, we can be your go-to expert for handling all of your support needs.

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Billing Help

TierOne monitors your contracts, renewal dates, and fees, so we come armed with all the information when resolving billing issues or submitting credit requests.

Outage Support

Don’t waste time sitting on the phone in an outage. TierOne’s customer service team works with your carriers to have you up and running without the hold music.

Poor Performance

Noticing your systems underperforming or your services starting to degrade? We can work with your carriers to resolve the issues or find you a new solution.

Call Flow Changes

TierOne can help you adjust your call flow by doing things like creating hunt groups and implementing call forwards or adds, moves, and changes for users.

Cutovers & Transitions

TierOne understands that one of the biggest challenges in our industry is making the change. That’s why we have developed meticulous processes for simple and painless tech transitions.

Dedicated Disconnect

Moving away from your incumbent carrier without incurring fees or double-billing makes changing even harder. TierOne improves this via our relationships and a fully-managed disconnect experience.
Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of assistance can we provide?

I’m having issues with my current service/provider. Can you help me fix that?


Depending on the service and/or issue, if it isn’t a solution that you procured through TierOne, we are limited in what we’re able to do because we are not associated with that account. However, we can help you replace that solution with something that will solve your issues, and we can assist you with both the transition and disconnection of the incumbent service.

How long does it take to make a transition to one of your services?


There are many variables that can impact the transition process. Standard interval for a broadband order is 30 days or less. Standard interval for dedicated Fiber is 90 to 120 days. Standard interval for a cloud-hosted phone solution is three to six weeks. But, there are many things, such as number of users, or complex build-out requirements, that can affect the timeline of these projects.

We encourage people to order well in advance of when they need a solution up and running. It is much easier to slow a project down than it is to speed one up.

I want to reduce cost and improve our solutions, but is it possible to transition without downtime?


Absolutely! In fact, we’ve developed our implementation processes specifically with that concern in mind. We prioritize up-time above all else, with double-billing being a close second. We’ve tailored our processes uniquely for each specific service, product, or even provider, when applicable. Additionally, we can proactively work on the disconnection of your incumbent services while carefully coordinating the activation of your new services with a narrow buffer to keep you protected from service interruption in the case of something unforeseeable, but also without you incurring egregious periods of double-billing.

If I change, will I be able to bring my phone numbers or IP addresses with me?


Phone numbers: Absolutely. For nearly any instance, we would be able to port your existing phone numbers from your current provider.

IP Addresses: Possibly. It all depends what you have now and what we’re looking to move to. We can certainly perform IP Address migrations when and where applicable.

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