Proof there is such a thing as a “free lunch”

Our business model is a bit different. Typically, you exhaust time sourcing and vetting your own options. You hope you've picked correctly and spend business’ funds to acquire the solutions. Then you expend more of your time managing service delivery and again supporting it internally. How about trying something different?

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Put an end to the service provider rat race

How our pricing works

We get it; it sounds too good to be true. But our expertise, portfolio, project management, and ongoing support are free. TierOne is compensated by suppliers, and since we’re not drawing a salary, we can often secure better pricing than the carrier offers directly.


We’ve done lots and lots of paperwork.

We’ve curated access agreements with 200+ voice, cloud, and connectivity providers. Our compensation rates are included in each carrier’s service agreement.


We work with you to pick the perfect solution

At TierOne, we listen to your unique goals and pain points, drawing on industry experience to develop customized solutions to minimize costs and maximize productivity.


The carrier you selected compensates us

After implementation, your carrier will issue payment to TierOne. The carrier pays us no salary and provides no benefits, so they are happy to pay us per the terms of our agreement.


We provide ongoing support of your solution.

Anything you need to support your solution, from making changes, to logging trouble tickets, or filing billing disputes, TierOne remains available to help you tackle any issue.

Pricing FAQs

We know you might still have questions about how this all works, and we want to be as transparent about our business as possible because we are confident in what we do.
If TierOne costs me nothing, how do you get paid?

TierOne has carefully curated more than 200 carrier agreements, each of which includes compensation rates for any services and solutions secured by clients we’ve brought to them.

Since the carrier pays TierOne, are my costs are higher than if I bought from the carrier directly?

No, in fact, in nearly all instances, there is pricing parity between the Partner Channel (that’s us) and the Direct Sales (that’s those guys who change each year and are hard to track down when you need them). This means that, at a minimum, if a Direct Sales team had a lower price than we did, we would be able to match it. However, that scenario is quite rare. More often, TierOne provides lower pricing than our direct reps counterparts.

I don’t get it. TierOne is free for me, and your pricing is the same or better than direct? How?

There are several factors that can contribute to that result. First, direct reps have monthly and quarterly quotas, which can sometimes impact the pricing they present. Conversely, we carry no quotas with any of our carriers, freeing us to deliver the best pricing every time from the start. Additionally, direct carrier reps are often limited by territory, and each territory is managed by different leaders. This can cause different promotions on the same products based upon market, whereas TierOne is not geographically restricted. We have clients across the globe, granting us visibility to all promotions available for that product. Additionally, the carriers know TierOne has access to many, many options, so they tend to provide premier pricing on our bids because they know they’re in a highly competitive bidding environment. TierOne also represents voice, cloud, and connectivity services across thousands and thousands of customer locations around the world. When aggregated together, the collective spend of our client portfolio provides leveraged buying power, resulting in more exceptions, preferential pricing, and deeper discounting than other firms.

If TierOne is compensated based on my spend, how do I know you’re giving me the best pricing?

This is where our agnosticism shines. Typically, we are going to deliver three to five different bids from different leading providers. Depending on the needs, we'll often have multiple bidding providers conduct demos or presentations to provide you with more understanding and clarity on their offering. Then, in some cases, if the option you like the best isn’t the lowest bid, our position as an agnostic provider means we can even leverage the competitive landscape in an effort to drive costs even lower on your preferred option so that you are always getting the best solution at the best price possible.

If I’m paying the carrier and not you, who do I go to if I have any issues with my bill?

You can utilize TierOne as much, or as little, as you like. Remember, you signed an agreement with the carrier, not TierOne, so you’re still their customer. They each have their standard support mechanisms, and you are absolutely entitled to use them. That said, if you search for “worst customer service companies,” no matter which list you click, you’d likely find that three of the top five are always telecommunications companies. That industry isn’t exactly highly touted for its customer service and support. In fact, that’s why we created TierOne: to fill what we felt was one of the largest customer service gaps in modern business. So, for billing issues, or any other issue you may have with your service, we invite you to point those needs and requests to us, and we will file, log, track, and escalate those through resolution, keeping you updated throughout the process, so you can stay focused on other aspects of your business instead of being on hold or being transferred across departments for hours on end.

Let me get this straight; solutions acquired through TierOne typically cost less than those from the direct carriers, and TierOne provides dedicated, white-glove support over and above what I automatically receive from the provider, all for free?
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TierOne helped us increase our connectivity and transition to VoIP while delivering more than 30% savings to our bottom line. The attention to detail along with the easy and straightforward experience they provide makes them one of our most trusted partners.”

David McDermott
Director of Information Technology
O'Reilly Hospitality Management
Out with the old, in with the new.

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