The Benefits of Remote Work

March 19, 2020

Amid COVID-19 precautions, the demand to adopt a temporary remote work lifestyle is only increasing and for some, this trend may cause mixed emotions. Research and statistics are telling of its numerous benefits and rising popularity among a significant portion of the workforce––which began well before the onset of a global pandemic. In a 2019 report titled “State of Remote Work”, an overwhelming 99% of the more than 2,500 respondents, said they prefer to work remotely––at least partially––for the rest of their careers. A survey published in 2015 revealed 68% of job-seeking millennials said flexibility as it pertains to working remotely would highly influence their decision to join or leave a company.

As global awareness of this trend gains momentum given the COVID–19 outbreak, it is important to note that its relevance is responsible for the emerging dialogue surrounding it; the concept itself has become increasingly favorable for organizations over the last decade.

The heightened desire to embrace a remote work position can be attributed in part to its direct employee benefits, which include reduced stress levels, increased productivity, and additional income given the absence of expenses linked to working away from home. A report released by PGi in 2014 on the state of telecommuting shows reduced work-related stress among 82% of telecommuters and increased productivity among 70%. Moreover, telecommuting has a considerable impact on the environment by drastically reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. Using electronics to telecommute saves 9 to 14 billion kilowatt- hours of energy annually, according to a report by The Consumer Electronics Association.

The decline of overhead costs is another appealing perk of a remote work model . In an article by Patrick Russell centered around remote work trends, he states that “some companies are seeing employee retention rates double while simultaneously reducing overhead by more than 10% and in some cases 30%.”

In our ever-growing interconnected world, conducting business via technology is more vital and opportune than ever. Hosted VoIP, SD-WAN and similar technologies are altering the workplace in a way that makes it far more scalable, flexible and accessible. In turn, companies can remain operational in the event of an emergency while continuing to provide their customers a seamless experience regardless of location.

As remote work opportunities, and our reliance on web-based applications, continue to surge—TierOne is here to help your business identify which solutions best meet your most specific business needs. With access to more than 150 of the top voice, internet, and cloud service providers, we can connect you with ideal solutions that meet your day-to-day needs across scalable, flexible platforms and provide business continuity no matter what level of remote-work you need to adopt.

The gravity of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many providers offering discounted or free services to customers. However, the vast amount of options can make it difficult to differentiate convenience from what’s best for your business. TierOne is here to help you cut through the noise and find the most suitable services for your unique business needs as we collectively navigate these difficult times.

Out with the old, in with the new.

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