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March 20, 2020

Over the last week, every vendor or company you work with has likely emailed you their business continuity plans. At TierOne, we decided to focus our energies on helping our clients expedite active projects that would better enable a remote work model and by helping find and deploy discounted or free solutions to bolster workflow and business continuity plans of their own.

We are fortunate. Many of the technologies we provide—such as cloud-hosted VoIP, video conferencing, and SD-WAN—enable remote work and facilitate productivity. For most of our team, working remotely is standard practice, and the telecommute transition was seamless for our onsite staff. However, we understand the same may not be true for all companies. Furthermore, many organizations will experience financial repercussions from social distancing, shelter-in-place mandates, and other regulations imposed to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The benefits of remote work are vast and well-documented. So, although these self-quarantine mandates will not last forever, our ability to accommodate remote workforces with ease, paired with its growing popularity, indicates the trend is here to stay.  

As we all navigate uncharted territory, TierOne will continue doing our part to help.  We are fully committed to keeping you connected while continuing to provide a consistent and superior level of customer service as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve—no matter your situation or need. These unprecedented times call for unprecedented levels of care, concern, and accommodation. Our strong and far-reaching industry relationships have blessed us with a myriad of short-term, discounted cloud services as well as free tools and products that can help you achieve many goals, including:

Regardless of your company’s size, business continuity planning is essential. A business continuity plan’s success lies in the ability to accurately review its capabilities and identify potential pitfalls. Contact your TierOne Agent for additional guidance, or visit TierOne’s COVID-19 Business Continuity Solutions for more information and resources.

Out with the old, in with the new.

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